25 Steps
One War. Two POWs Camp. One Incredible Story

25 Steps is the story of two World War II POWs who reunite more than 70 years later to form an unforgettable friendship and bond. As narrated by none other than Peter Coyote (Ken burns Films), this story of two WWII POWs that shared the same barracks in the Stalag Luft I camp in Northern Germany, meet for the first time 72 years later at a senior living facility in Denver, CO. An incredible story and winner of Best Short Documentary Category at the Glendale International Film Festival, 25 Steps is a compelling story of survival, resilience, and serendipity.


The Community Benefits of this film to date include:


  • World premiere in (3) theatre with over 1500 people in attendance
  • Four different private screenings at the POWs senior living facility to nearly 1,000 seniors and their families.
  • 2018 Winner of the Glendale International Film Festival- Best Short Documentary Category
  • Arranged fundraiser event in Barth, Germany with over 200 attending to gift 25 Steps film to the Barth Museum so history could be remembered and not forgotten (COVID impact cancelled trip).


In the months that we brought lunch to Bob McAdam (McDonald’s pancakes and a shake!) prior to his passing in late October of this year, Bob said repeatedly that the documentary 25 Steps,   “ brought a renewed sense of life and meaning to a couple of old men.” Those “old men” are what truly made America the greatest country on this planet.


History Needs Your Help. As part of our filming, we found out that the Stalag Luft I Museum in Barth, Germany, where over 9,000 air corpsmen from the around the world were held captive, is underfunded and in danger of closing. Our goal for 25 Steps is to “gift” this documentary to the Museum as part of the 75thAnniversary of the liberation of the camp in May of 2020. The curator of the museum, Helga Radau, stated that, “this film could very well save the Museum”. Our extended mission for the film is to be a part in saving one of the most important parts of world history and provide a legacy to those captured at the Stalag Luft I prison.


Despite those trying to forge the five worst years of Germany’s history, we have a duty to remember so as not to repeat such atrocities. Your support will assist us in providing this important legacy film to the Stalag Museum in both English and German, while helping provide new content to the Stalag Museum to increase membership and financial support.