Life, Liberty & Resilience
Segregation and Racial Injustice in WWII (2013)

“Life, Liberty and Resilience” traces a country’s transformation and one man’s refusal to let institutional injustice mark his heart with hatred. The documentary is a living journey across nearly a century of American history, seen through the eyes of Joe Lanier; from the segregated Mississippi of his youth to the segregated military of World War 2 to a mixed-race marriage that barred him from housing in a city he believed to be a shining example of tolerance. Joe revisits his boyhood haunts, his World War 2 battleground, and the city where one unexpected act of kindness changed his life.


Life, Liberty & Resilience also was recognized as an Official Selection of the following Film Festivals across the country: – Boston Film Festival- 2013 – Black Hills Film Festival- 2014 – Tupelo Film Festival- 2014 – Unspoken Human Rights Film Festival- 2014 – San Luis Obispo International Film Festival- 2014 – St. Louis International Film Festival- 2014 – Crossroads Film Festival- 2014.


“Joe LaNier’s story is inspirational, patriotic and uplifting. It’s proof positive that an American of any color or background – given the kind of character, courage and tenacity that Joe displayed in and out of military uniform – can succeed and flourish. Steffan Tubbs captures and presents this story in a warm and easily-readable style that will keep you turning pages.”
—Capt. Dale Dye USMC (Ret), Military Consultant and Actor, Platoon, Saving Private Ryan, JFK and HBO’s Band of Brothers


“Steffan Tubbs recreates a fascinating—and disturbing—time in American history through the segregated eyes of Seabee Joe LaNier. Well researched, superbly written, and greatly recommended.”
—Mike Yorkey, author of more than seventy-five books, including Believe, the story of paralyzed football player Eric LeGrand


“The way we are is a big improvement over the way we were. Especially for those whose experience with history begins well after the civil rights movement accomplished most of its goals, this is a moving, inspirational account of one patriotic African-American’s journey through life surmounting racial injustice.” —Mike Rosen, talk show host, 850 KOA Denver