The Cross-Generational Battle with PTSD

ACRONYM is a full feature documentary describing how different generations of veterans (WWII- present time) have been effected by PTSD and how various alternative therapies can assist in their recovery. The goal of this film was to find, document and present powerful, emotional and real stories of veterans dealing with PTSD to audiences around the world in order to reduce the troubling Veterans Administration statistic that 22 veterans take their own lives every day, and another 75 attempts occur.

ACRONYM shows what was once labeled as hysteria (Civil War), shell shock (WWI), battle fatigue (WWII) or post-traumatic stress disorder (Iraq and Afghanistan) is a very real problem. Our veterans have shown – across multiple generations of warriors – that mental trauma is a product of war. Our accomplishments since its release on Veterans Day, 2015 so far are:

  • Provided over 6,000 copies of the film around the world at no charge to veterans and their families who have asked for a copy.
  • Presented twice on Capital Hill, once to the House Veteran Affairs Committee, to support efforts for the use of alternative therapies to treat PTSD
  • Scheduled over 30 private screenings to audiences as large as 300 to educated and raise awareness of veteran PTSD
  • Heard directly from over a dozen veterans (who’m we’ve never met) that said watching the film allowed them to seek treatment for the first time
  • Professional Blog written by former combat veteran and PTSD counselor that the film itself is a heating tool for veterans

* Our goal for ACRONYM is to continue to educated and raise awareness of the effects of veterans PTSD and provide a message of hope reading alternative treatments that may be able to assist in their healing.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! In order to continue to spread this message of hope through this enlightening film, your donations are needed to allow us to ship DVDs directly to those veterans, active duty, and relatives of those who serve our great country. Any amount will help, but as an example:

*Minimum donation of $100.00 provides funding to ship 5 DVDs directly to someone in need.
*A donation of $500.00 provides funding for 50 DVDs shipped directly to a community center, etc