Denver in Decay
A Once Proud City Finds Falls Prey to Decay

A once clean, proud city finds itself in the shadow of violent unrest and a homeless crisis.


The Community Benefits of this film to date include:


  • Intentional or not, film release resulted in the cleanup of the Governor’s Mansion grounds in 48 hours and the sweep of 500+ plus tents, and the removal of 2,000 needles and over 30 tons of trash from Veteran’s Park.
  • Over 50 articles, interviews, and TV reports on the film; raising further awareness in 2020 and beyond.
  • Nearly 1,000,000 views between trailer and doc of DID with over 7,500 comments on YouTube.
  • Nationally recognized documentary on the troubles many cities are seeing with the ever-increasing number of homeless people and the related impact on citizens and businesses.
  • MTM donated nearly $20,000 in the form of a check directly to Step Denver, which in turn allowed many homeless to go through the Step Denver program.


“I am honored to have been asked to participate in what I consider to be an objective and accurate look at what is happening in our community. I am inspired by what this film has done to bring awareness to the issue, but even more so encouraged that they are not only revealing the problem but participating in a solution.” – Executive Director of Step Denver, Paul Scudo


This City Needs Your Help. Our goal for this film is to continue to support Step Denver as their program literally removes 300+ people from the streets each year and returns them to a productive life.