We Tell Stories.

Center For Comprehensive Film is a Colorado based non-profit organization that believes in the potential global impact that the power of story telling can take place through film. By identifying cause oriented topics that can improve potentially millions of lives, CFCF seeks to fund these projects in a medium that is appealing to a broad audience, but no shelf life.

CFCF of late has been raising awareness about the alarming veteran suicide rate as well as providing education and support to thousands of veterans and their families. We believe that through film, veterans and their loved ones can share their stories of hope around the world, and learn of alternative therapies that are available to them through numerous non-profits around the country. Through these efforts we know of dozens of veterans that have sought treatment for their PTSD after seeing our films and we have provided over 6,000 copies of our PTSD documentary, ACRONYM, to veterans and their families around the world.

The CFCF Board Advisory Committee consist of veterans, parents of veterans, as well as noted dignitaries that are passionate about increasing our opportunity to educate and raise awareness of many issues that can reach millions of people around the globe through great documentaries.