We Tell Stories.

We are CFCF- We fund impactful films that inspire action and change. 

The Center For Comprehensive Film (CFCF), is a Colorado based non-profit organization that believes that the power of storytelling can make a global impact by educating and raising awareness with people on critical topics through film. We have seen this with our prior film projects and focus our efforts in continuing to fund award winning films. By identifying purpose driven subjects that can improve potentially millions of lives, CFCF seeks to fund these projects in a medium that is appealing to a broad audience, but no shelf life.

Over the years, CFCF has identified numerous topics on important social issues yet to be produced. Our goal is not only to raise awareness, but to provide compelling information for others to act. As our films are primarily self-narrated, we allow those impacted by these topics to tell their stories, not through staged narration or actors. This makes the story that much more meaningful and real to our audience. Our films on the veteran suicide rate motivated dozens of veterans to seek treatment for their PTSD. Our film Droughtland moved many to seek legislative change to improve water conditions for SE Colorado. Our project highlighting the impact of homelessness on a large metro area, allowed us to give back a sizable donation to a local charity that  proved their rehab program gets people off the street.The Executive Director also said our donation was the most meaningful during COVID. Our current project Phantom, in which we are seeking funding, will provide much needed education and clinical support to the millions of amputees currently suffering from phantom limb pain.

Our Board is composed of volunteers that realize that our films can impact millions of more lives given the nature of their message but also the ease of distribution. This Board is composed of experienced business leaders, veterans, community influencers, parents of veterans, as well as noted dignitaries that are passionate about increasing our opportunity to move people to action on important issues of the day through award winning documentary films.