Pain From a Limb That No Longer Exists

The documentary film “Phantom” looks at limb loss primarily through the eyes of three individuals and their stories of dealing with phantom limb pain. An estimated 1 in 158 Americans deal with some sort of limb loss, and the number could double by 2050.

Limb loss can happen though trauma, disease or genetics. “Phantom” looks at limb loss and subsequent phantom pain told through experiences of those who have or are currently experiencing pain sensations from a limb that is no longer there.
The film, to be released the Summer of 2023, also focuses on the future of prosthetics, treatment, and options available to help individuals continue to live fulfilling lives. The impact on mental health and suicidal ideations is very real as stated by one of the amputees we interviewed, “It was devastating. My mental health… I just wanted to die.” Given the fact that over 50% of all amputees have limb loss due to diabetes related disease, but trauma related to accidents that occur every day could lead to an amputation. As stated at the close of the Phantom trailer, “No one expects to join this club, but you could join this club tomorrow walking across the street.