Ethan’s Reach
A Mother’s Mission in Honor of Her Son

This touching PTSD related documentary, released Memorial Day, 2020, is most likely the most compelling, heartfelt film CFCF has supported to date. The very personal story of a mother, and acting CFCF board member, spoke of her veteran son who tragically took his own life on Veterans Day, 2015. Ironically, this was the very day CFCF supported the premiere of ACRONYM: The Cross-Generational Battle with PTSD, to over 1,000 attendees in Denver.


The Community Benefits of this film to date include:


  • Despite COVID, we secured a live simulcast premiere of Ethan’s Reach at Southeast Church in Parker, CO including pre and post screening interviews to a global audience.
  • The documentary furthered Ethan’s battle buddies’ quest to meet annually and continue their lifelong commitment to each other and their spouses, to not lose one more person in their group to suicide.
  • Not only has the documentary captured Ethan’s story forever as his legacy to help others, but his mother has also started a specific 501©3 organization to raise awareness and assist other families grieving from the loss of someone to suicide.
  • CFCF, with Board approval, supported Ethan’s mother on a fundraising campaign to support her in raising nearly $18,000 for her new foundation.
  • My closest friend and cycling buddy is in the army reserve and every time she goes out on duty, I get really concerned: for both her and her husband. I’d love to learn more and talk about how I can support our veterans, active and retired. – Anonymous

He needs your help…” Our goal for Ethan’s Reach, is to continue to raise awareness of the tragic number of veteran suicides through the lessons shown of this mother’s resilience, and possibly identifying ways to avoid a similar crisis before a veteran reaches the point of no return.