Ethan’s Reach
A Mother’s Mission in Honor of Her Son

This PTSD related documentary, to be released Memorial Day 2020, will most likely be the most compelling, and heart felt film to date. The very personal story of a mother speaking of her veteran son who tragically took his own life on Veterans Day, 2015. Ironically, the day that Ethan’s parents mourned his loss, we premiered ACRONYM: The Cross-Generational Battle with PTSD, to nearly 1,000 attendees at an area Denver theater that same evening. Our work to date on this film includes:

  • Completion of some limited principal shooting for the trailer
  • Premiered the trailer Veterans Day, 2019 on the four year anniversary of Ethan’s loss
  • Began active fundraising to see the film’s completion
  • Set release date of the film for Memorial Day, 2020 (5/25/20)

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Our goal for Ethan’s Reach, is to emulate the success from ACRONYM, to complete this documentary and give thousands of copies of the film at no charge to those interested in learning a lesson of a mother’s resilience, and possibly identifying ways to avoid a similar crisis before a veteran reaches the point of no return.

*ANY DONATION will help support our efforts to complete this film to help reduce the rate of veteran suicides and comfort those that have experienced a loss of a love one. Click on donate tab now!